Choosing the perfect toy for kids six months and below

Posted on August 05 2018

Choosing the perfect toy for kids six months and below



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Choosing the perfect toy for kids six months and below

Though they spend most of their days sleeping and feeding, you’ll be surprised at how quickly

kids of that age take in their environment including the people in their world.

Apart from keeping babies entertained, playing also helps boosts their development. Below is a guide on the perfect toys for your babies during the first six months of their lives.

Colourful and cuddly toys for one-month old babies

Babies start showing signs of being aware of their environment as early as one month. So you can play with your babies even at that age, but what are the best possible toys for them?

Cuddly and soft toys are perfect for newborns, especially the ones with clear faces. You can also go for toys that come with embroidered faces. Heighten your baby’s sense of touch with dolls that come in different textures and cuddly animals. Since their eye sights have not fully developed at this age, it is better to pick contrasting colors.

Music and movement toys for two-month old babies

Most babies start smiling and gurgling when they’re two-months old. You can introduce them to toys that can help them have fun. Get them wrist rattles for those ever-waving arms. Make sure the rattles are soft to prevent them from hurting themselves with the toys, since most babies are not very coordinated at that age.

A cot mobile might not be a bad idea if you notice your baby getting restless in their basket or cot. They’ll definitely enjoy listening to whatever music is playing and staring at the moving shapes. (Just make sure it has a tune you can tolerate)

Baby gym bunny for three-month old babies

As your baby grows stronger, you can introduce ‘tummy time’ to make raising their heads even more fun. A baby gym can make this easy. A baby gym is made up of different figures dangling from a type of floor-standing arch. Most babies find this very fascinating and will often attempt to bat it. There are gyms that come equipped with mats and stimulating pictures and objects to keep your babies engaged during tummy time.

Reading and wiggling toys for four-month old babies

Once your baby begins to roll all over the place, you know it is time to invest in a soft play mat. You can place different attractive toys on the mat, so your baby can practice how to stretch on them.

This can also serve as story time for your baby. Nothing beats snuggling with your baby with a nice book. This is one habit you can sustain and continue for years even when the child is older. You can get one of those books with soft fabrics that come in different colours and textures.

Wallop, crash, bang, for your five-month old baby

It is good to get interactive toys for your babies as they become alert to cause-and-effect. Make sure they’re entertained with objects that produce noise when prodded or poked. It could be anything from toy drums to maraca.

At this age, most babies are fascinated by faces - and theirs is no exception. They love seeing their reflection in mirrors. You can get one of those toy mirrors for kids for them to play with. This can come in handy whenever they try to kiss or lick their reflection.

Toys for six-month old babies

Start introducing your babies to puppet games and soft toys as they develop emotionally. This is great for their sense of mischief and fun, it also helps them see that objects do not just vanish. Babies of this age also love books that come with fascinating flaps. You can act out some of the stories with your babies and spice it up with sound effects and funny voices.

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