Selecting Toys to Encourage Your Child’s Learning & Development

Posted on August 05 2018

Selecting Toys to Encourage Your Child’s Learning & Development


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Every Christmas comes with new sets of toys and games every kid should have. You will find this guide interesting if your child has one of those toys on their budget. Important things to have in mind when selecting toys are age appropriateness and how the toy can influence your kid’s creativity. Toys that can influence your child’s creativity keeps them engaged over a long time. Parents are not happy when they discover that their kid is less interested in a toy they bought or when their kid plays with a toy for a short period and then abandons it.

I am pretty sure you will be happier when the toy your kid desires most is affordable and quite sensible to you. Parents are amazed when they watch their kids pick up toys they have been dreaming of under the Christmas tree. My advice for parents when selecting toys for their children is to go so something that’s fun and will encourage learning, creativity, and development. These items happen to be used often.

For Infants and toddlers (6 months – 2 years), gift items like stuffed animals, stacking and nesting toys, simple puzzles, building blocks, early ride-on toys, musical toys, as well as music and age-appropriate books are great. Items like these are fun to play with for a long period and also improves intellectual, social, physical and language development. Parents can guide their kids on how to operate these items at first, but once they have mastered it, you can inspire your kids more by praising them. You can help your kids improve more in their language skills when you read books and sing along with the music.

Pretend play is one of the favourite activities of preschoolers (3 years to 6 years). Kids within this group find dolls, stuffed toys and action figures interesting. Play sets allow them to mimic adult activity. You can also offer these kids art supplies alongside complex building toys. Still, maintain music for listening and instruments that are more realistic for playing. Preschoolers can also use ride-on toys that are more advanced. Your children can also have fun with outdoor toys such as a playhouse, sandbox, sports equipment and swing sets. You can help your children develop essential learning skills with books, card, board games, and some exciting video games; you can seize this moment to connect more with your children as you tag along with them in having fun.

School-age children (6 to 12 years) are easily influenced by their peers and adverts showing awesome toys and gifts. Once more, you need to assess them to be certain they would be appropriate for your child. This period of development is an important time to introduce your kids to games and toys that foster skills and knowledge related to STEM (science, technology, engineering, and maths). Video games and other digital item are also great; do this in moderation.

Also, use this moment to introduce your kid to hobbies or activities they might be interested in. You can motivate your kids to get involved in exercise and outdoor play with sports equipment and advanced ride on items. You can also foster creativity, reasoning, and social development with action figures and objects like buildings and vehicles. You can help your kids strengthen their social skills by providing toys and games that can be played with friends, siblings, and parents; an item that will foster interaction between them and others. You can also make your kids learning process much easy and fun with books, music and other educational electronics.

You can encourage independent learning using audio books or subscribe to an age-appropriate magazine related to your kid interest; however, discuss this with your child before taking such action.

I believe the points mentioned in this article will guide you in selecting the right toy or game that will bring happiness and also foster creativity, growth, learning, and development in a fascinating way; something that will boost your child’s confidence and enable them to socialise more with others.


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