Climbing Net



Attention all you climbing monkeys! Every child will become an adventurer on this net made of robust plastic ropes. The children can train their strength and endurance while learning coordination with their arms and legs. Who can reach the top first?

Dimensions: approx. 170 x 170 x 4 cm, max. load capacity 200 kg

Material: wood, textile

Recommended minimum age: from 3 years

FSC®-Certified Toys

Discover toys made out of FSC® 100%-certified wood! A constantly growing portion of our products carry the FSC® seal and stand for special environmental and social responsibility. The wood used to produce all our toys come from sustainably managed forests or wood plantations which are inspected and certified according to strict international guidelines.

The TÜV inspection organisation has inspected and certified our new products, and has declared them to be good. We can therefore guarantee that our products are safe, child-friendly, and free of toxic substances.

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