Lawn Mower Baby Walker



Want to mow the lawn like the grown-ups? No problem, if you've got this 2019-TOY award-nominated lawn mower made of FSC® 100%-certified wood that's also a walking assistant for babies. The handle on this brightly coloured walking assistant has two different positions: for the first attempts at walking, the setting for beginner walkers offers a stable and secure hold. For more advanced walkers, the position can be changed and the collection container can be fitted onto the walker. Another great feature is the motor block that can also be used as a shape-fitting game that promotes the development of motor skills. This lawn mower is not only a fantastic walking assistant, but can also be used wonderfully while role-playing. The grass on the front side spins when the lawn mower is pushed. In addition, the grass can be removed via the Velcro pieces and cleaned. It's a special kind of baby walker that brings lots of joy outside the house too.



Dimensions: Lawn mower approx. 55 x 38 x 52 cm; Whole motor block: height approx. 14 cm, Ø approx. 18 cm; handle height: 50cm

Material: wood

Recommended minimum age: from 12 months

FSC®-Certified Toys

Discover toys made out of FSC® 100%-certified wood! A constantly growing portion of our products carry the FSC® seal and stand for special environmental and social responsibility. The wood used to produce all our toys come from sustainable managed forests or wood plantations which are inspected and certified according to strict international guidelines

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