Flowery Meadow Baby Walker



Active on all levels! This stable baby walker provides everything that young explorers need for discovering their world with all senses. A xylophone with 5 keys, multiple pushing games, a bead roller coaster with colourful beads, gears, and a shape fitting game with a net to catch the pieces (which can also be used to store someone's favourite teddy while on the go) are all included. The wheels with their rubber rings both prevent slipping and reduce the noise of the wheels on floors. There's always something new to discover with all senses on this walking trainer!



Dimensions: approx. 34 x 32 x 48 cm, handle height 46 cm

Material: wood

Recommended minimum age: from 12 months

FSC®-Certified Toys

Discover toys made out of FSC® 100%-certified wood! A constantly growing portion of our products carry the FSC® seal and stand for special environmental and social responsibility. The wood used to produce all our toys come from sustainable managed forests or wood plantations which are inspected and certified according to strict international guidelines

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